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Having previously owned a split screen for six years, when the time came for a change, there was only one person I was prepared to help me make an important decision like this – Paul at VW Down Under.

I've spent many an hour with Paul and his team, enjoying great conversation whilst admiring the work they do on their vans and during this time, Paul has got to know me well, he knows what makes me tick, and had a pretty good idea of the kind of van I'd fall in love with – he got it spot on. As if by magic, my dream bus came up for sale, Paul gave me the details, and I jumped at the chance to become its new owner. The sale went through and before long I was back at the yard picking up the keys to Maximus. He was mine.

I'm now looking forward to the adventures that lay ahead, safe in the knowledge that when needed, the team at VWDU will be there to keep Maximus running as sweet as the day I picked him up.


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