After spending 20-odd years watching rusty old VW campers being purchased by people with no mechanical or bodywork experience, we thought it was about time we offered a service which uses our wealth of experience and extensive knowledge to find them a perfect camper.


The truth is, we've been offering this service for years but have never made it public. But after seeing the horror stories that come through our doors time after time, and with these vehicles getting older and rustier each year, we decided enough was enough; we had to put people's minds at rest when they are considering parting with a considerable amount of their hard earned cash for one of these classic vehicles.

So here are our TOP TEN REASONS for using the finder service and how you go about it.

So if you think this is the kind of service that would interest you, the first step is to complete our short customer enquiry form so that we have all the initial details that we need. We'll then get back to you and arrange a meeting.

We look forward to hearing from you!



Ten reasons for using our Finder Service

Ten steps to finding your dream camper