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After spending 20-odd years watching rusty old VW campers being purchased by people with no mechanical or bodywork experience, we thought it was about time we offered a service which uses our wealth of experience and extensive knowledge to find them a perfect camper.


The truth is, we've been offering this service for years but have never made it public. But after seeing the horror stories that come through our doors time after time, and with these vehicles getting older and rustier each year, we decided enough was enough; we had to put people's minds at rest when they are considering parting with a considerable amount of their hard earned cash for one of these classic vehicles.

So here are our TOP TEN REASONS for using the finder service and how you go about it.

So if you think this is the kind of service that would interest you, the first step is to complete our short customer enquiry form so that we have all the initial details that we need. We'll then get back to you and arrange a meeting.

We look forward to hearing from you!



Ten reasons for using our Finder Service

1. We'll save you time.


The best van for you may not be round the corner, so we'll spend the time and do the hard miles traveling anywhere in the UK to find it.

2. We have the contacts.


We're offered plenty of vans every week, so we have a good selection on our database to start from.

3. We've got a hit list.


We know the prime locations and whereabouts of a lot of vans.

4. We'll do an inspection report.


Every van we look at will undergo a 50-point check which will be written up in a report.

5. We'll spot the hidden issues.


We'll know if the vehicle has been involved in an accident or has been excessively welded.

6. We'll know if the van is genuine.


We can determine if the van has the correct interior for that model and if it's the correct year (these vehicles are prone to being 'ringed', i.e. two vans made into one).

7. We can price up any work needed.


We'll know from inspection if there are any repairs that need doing so there'll be no hidden costs after purchasing.

8. We can carry out the repair work.


If any repair work is needed, our workshop is fully equipped to deal with it.

9. We could save you money.


By negotiating the purchase of the vehicle ourselves, we will aim to get our finder fee off the asking price.

10. We have a proven track record.


We have a reputation for being honest and trustworthy. Click here to read our customer testimonials.

Ten steps to finding your dream camper

1. Time for a coffee.


We'll have a chat to get an idea of what you're looking for and what budget you have available.

2. Pay a deposit


Once we have all the info we need, we'll take a small deposit from your and start the ball rolling.

3. Check your inbox.


We'll email you an initial selection of camper vans to check we've met your criteria.

4. The real search begins.


Once we're clear on the look and style that you're after, the serious searching begins.

5. Top five contenders.


We'll send you photos and details of five shortlisted vans and agree which (if any) is the right camper for you.

6. A price is negotiated.


Using our experience in negotiation, we'll agree a price with the seller, confirm with you that this is suitable, then leave a deposit and arrange final balance of payment.

7. Time to collect the camper.


We'll arrange the collection of the camper back to our workshop.

8. Repair work undertaken.

Any repair work needed that we previously discussed with you will be done.

9. You collect your camper.


Once we're satisfied that the camper is ready to leave the workshop, we'll contact you to arrange collection.

10. On-going care and attention.


We can continue to maintain and service your camper, giving you peace of mind that it is in a safe, road-worthy condition.

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