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After hiring a VW camper last August, I soon realised that the dream was every bit as good as the reality, so I decided to buy one. After quite a few months of searching, I came across VW Down Under from a Google search.


They’ve got a great website with plenty of information on what they do and the vans they have for sale. I gave Paul a call, and true to the other testimonies, I had a very open and honest conversation with him about the campers they had in stock and what my needs were with regards to owning one. What struck me almost immediately was Paul’s straight talking and his openness and honesty. He really knows his stuff and guided me through some points that I hadn’t even considered. By the end of the call I had booked myself an appointment to go and visit the workshop.


The day arrived – and before I’d even looked at a camper – we were discussing a Porsche that Paul and his team are rebuilding. I could tell straight away that this isn’t just a business to Paul, it’s a passion, and it clearly shows in all of his work.


My mechanical knowledge is limited (well actually, it’s non-existent) but when we started to discuss the campers, I was put at ease with the way it was all explained to me and I ended up like a kid in a sweetshop looking at the range of campers Paul had for sale. My final choice was a 40 year old Westy called Jade. I have to mention at this point that before making my final choice I had spotted a more expensive one but Paul talked me out of it, giving me very valid reasons why it wasn’t the right van for me - I bet there aren’t many companies who will undersell their products to ensure the customer gets the best deal.


With the road test completed and a deposit paid, I looked forward to picking up my camper a couple of weeks later. Paul wanted to spend this time giving it a once-over and making a few adjustments to the engine, plus a couple of other recommendations that I ended up having fitted.


On the day I arrived to collect Jade I met one of the other VWDU team members, Paul No.2 – who also clearly has a passion for his work. These guys really do know their stuff and were fantastic to deal with throughout the whole process.


So I’m now looking forward to many trips and adventures in my 40 year old Westy, safe in the knowledge that I can call upon VW Down Under should I need any work done, or simply to ask those stupid questions that I’m sure they get all the time! It’s not often that you come across genuine, down-to-earth guys, but these two are definitely in that mould.


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