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Customer Testimonial Oliver

I’ve been on a journey with Paul, Allan and co. First, we settled on the right camper then started our real project: my camper is lowered on air suspension (tough to do, expensive, but means I can garage it - oh, yeah, looks cool too). Then the engine popped and the second phase of the journey began. Sourcing the right bits and getting the tuning and set up right on a camper over 40 years old is not simple and needs time.


I could have had it back a little sooner, but Paul refused as he wasn’t happy with the updated gearbox gear changes. It ended up having a new gearbox fitted (without me paying extra) and it swaps cogs like a dream. Engine rebuild added a few Porsche bits (as you do) so now I’ve got a sweet running bus with plenty of oomph parked up next to my Mexibug which Paul found for me and updated for my wife.


A few bits more for the camper will be done next year, but now it’s time to enjoy. The team are always up for a chat and what they don’t know about buses probably ain’t worth knowing! Look out for the website as the odd Ghia or Beetle also goes through.


Cheers Paul, Allan and the army of suppliers that keep these magical vehicles still going 40, 50 years later.


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