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VW Customer Testimonial Andrew

I bought this 40 year old Australian Sopru conversion back in July after hankering for a camper for many years and, as Mum had passed away in February, I christened her Molly. I have no mechanical knowledge, so I took to Google in search of someone nearby to look after her in the coming years. This led me to Paul Mullinger and his team at VW Down Under. Within minutes I could tell this wasn’t just a ‘job’ to him but a passion. His enthusiasm is infectious.

After spending some time checking Molly over, Paul told me I hadn’t bought a bad bus (a big relief!) but there were several things he could do – both mechanically and cosmetically– to make her run and look better. So he produced a ‘wishlist’ of things to bring her up to spec which I could have done as and when I wanted. There was no pressure  from Paul to go down that path, but as I had a bit left over from my original budget I decided to have the work done. 

What I now have is a 2L engine that actually pulls like one and sounds great, a paint job in the engine bay to match the bodywork (I haven’t actually eaten my dinner of it yet, but I could!) an upgraded starter and electrical system and, more importantly, a vehicle that I am confident to drive round the UK...and perhaps further, in future years. All this, safe in the knowledge that there is a competent team in Fobbing to iron out any little problems that my ‘77 bus may throw at me. There may be cheaper mechanics out there, but at VW Down Under they know their subject, they’re thorough and they don’t cut corners.

Thanks Paul and the team!


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