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We first came across Paul and his VW Down Under team approximately five years ago when I showed him a split screen camper van I had just bought on a whim, and after going three rounds with Paul, they set about making our bus right. She now drives beautifully, just like she’s meant to.  

As we do a 1,350 mile round-trip journey to Scotland twice a year, we needed to make sure the bus was safe and reliable, so Paul, Alan and the team did a lot of major work on it including the steering, brakes and gearbox, and they're all absolutely spot on. We wouldn't take our splitty anywhere else, despite the odd sparring match with Paul!

We've also just purchased a Bay Moonraker that we spotted in VW Down Under's showroom (we've named her 'Pandora the Explorer'). We were confident buying it from Paul and the team because we knew they would go through it with a fine-toothed comb and make sure everything was perfect, which is exactly what it was when we collected it. 

Paul recommended certain upgrades to make the bus even better, i.e. power steering, 240 hookup, seat belts, and a painted dash that looks stunning, and through the whole process, Paul spent time showing us how everything worked and checked that we were happy. They put such a tremendous effort into everything they do and everything is finished to a high standard.

Nothing is too much effort for these guys - they always have time to explain things is simple layman terms for the non-mechanical people of the world - and what they don’t know about VW camper vans and beetles isn't worth knowing!

Rick & Deb

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