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I had wanted a VW camper van for several years and finally took a very nice one home from VW Down Under two weeks ago. I initially went to them for the owner Paul to give me a quote for work to a van I was thinking of buying privately; a friend had recommended them. That would have been a bit of an expensive project though and once I had looked at a few Paul had for sale, and listened to his advice on which might suit us best, I was hooked! Three visits later and our dream had come true.


Throughout the whole process Paul has been brilliant. He is a very friendly, straight-talking and obviously extremely knowledgeable chap. He made the process very enjoyable – even though it is the most we have ever spent on anything after the house!


We are so happy with our van and the re-paint they’ve done is wonderful. We will certainly be servicing the van with Paul and I know he’ll be there if we have any problems. I highly recommend VW Down Under. Thank you very much to Paul and his team.


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