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So here's the result of our year-long labour of love – we're really pleased with the results. If you have a camper that you'd like to modify or give a new lease of life to then just give us a bell, we'd love to get involved.

Burnt out camper van
15 vw down under restoration.jpg

What a difference a year makes

The burnt out van before being shipped to the UK and the finished project.

We threw the kitchen sink at it

Every square inch of this bus was worked on, from the interior to the under-chassis.

Underneath shot of show bus

History shouldn't repeat itself

We installed a fire extinguisher kit in the engine bay to help prevent another disaster!

PHOTO-2019-04-17-17-24-22 2.jpg
Van owner Eddie Small

"Paul and the team have created a thing of beauty – it was never in doubt that they would deliver on their promise, but this far exceeded my expectations!"

Eddie Small - Van Owner

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