PATINA | 1955



It’s not every day you come across a King of Patina. Searching for originality becomes harder and harder and finding unmolested cars has become something of an art form.

But this beautiful 1955 Oval pushes the Patina needle into the red zone! With its all-original heart tail lights that have never been replaced, the more-than-decent 55 upholstery, the all original interior and cool-to-the-extreme Blaupunkt radio which was probably mounted from new, this car screams wow factor.

If untouched highly original Oval Window Beetles are your thing, then this beauty is well worth considering. Everything about this car works as it should and it drives like a dream. Body-wise, this little time capsule sits on original floorpan heater channels. It’s untouched, and that means a lot when you start welding…no hidden surprises here. It does need some rust repair, for example the floorpan below the battery and repairs to the heater channel area mainly around the rear quarter-panel, but this is not extensive. There are some other small localised repairs needed but the car is really good for a 60-year-old. The mechanics on this car are highly original except for the slightly later engine, which is sweet but does drip a little oil.

It’s been tastefully lowered with a 2-inch narrow beam up front. Another very nice addition is the Eberspächer fuel heater; everyone who has one of these in their Beetle will highly recommend this accessory. These “great balls of fire” will heat your VW before you know it. And with a minor fuel consumption you’ll be king of the road even in extreme winter weather.

It has an all-original 1955 Below roof rack (including stamped clamps) plus original Albert Swan mirrors, no cheap repros here! This is a true beauty.