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VW Camper Van Restoration Project
Camper Van Resto Essex
Essex VW Camper
Camper Van Restoration Essex
Essex Restoration Camper Van
VW Essex Camper Restoration
VW Camper Restoration Essex
VW Essex Camper Resto
Camper Van VW Restoration Project
VW Essex Resto Camper Van
VW Restoration Camper Van
VW Camper Van Resto
VW Camper Van Resto Project
Essex Camper Van Resto
VW Camper Van Project
VW Resto Camper Van
VW Camper Restoration
Camper Van Resto
VW Camper Resto
VW Camper Van Restoration
Camper Van Restoration


We imported this fire-damaged 1977 Westfalia from the US in 2013.


Fast-forward to September 2017 and we decided that we wanted to show off our skills and produce a high-spec, show-standard bus, a complete inside-and-out job with no expensive spared. But what could we restore? Paul then peered over to the corner of the yard and sitting there, all sad and unloved, was the burnt-out Westy, a prime candidate!


So we got to work...

...and we're still working on it. Watch the story unfold as we bring this camper back from the dead into a head-turning show stopper. A full spec will be uploaded at the end of the project.

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