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Performance Exhausts


Why fit one ?

The number one reason for having a performance exhaust is the extra power it can give you.

By creating a vortex motion inside the exhaust chamber, gases escape a lot easier which means the engine breathes better and doesn't have to work as hard. That extra energy is instead used to expel the spent fuel and air from the combustion chambers quicker, so more fuel and air can be burnt and that results in more power.

But there are a couple of other reasons why owners fit performance exhausts. Firstly, they sound amazing!

In fact, for some owners, that sexy growl that reverberates from a performance exhaust is more important than anything else – they certainly turn heads when one comes thundering down the road! Did you also know that different performance exhausts create different sounds? We can advise on what would best suite your camper.

Unsurprisingly, the other reason for fitting one is the look, they really are works of art and completely change the look of the rear end. Some systems support a 4-into-1 header (like CSP for example). Others, like Vintage Speed, are better-suited to lowered vehicles with a lower horse power.

Whatever your requirements, give us a call and we'll arrange a chat over a coffee to discuss how we can turn your bus into a beast!

VW Camper Van Power Steering
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VW Camper Van Power Steering
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