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VW Down Under owner Paul gives us the low-down on the right way to get your camper down low

Cruising down the road in a custom lowered camper van is a nailed-on way of turning heads, but get that lowering wrong and you'll be stared at for all the wrong reasons.

That's because unless you take the time to carefully plan a project like this you'll end up with a bone-shaking nightmare of a bus. All too often, corners are cut, the process is rushed, and the result is a camper that that will be a chore to drive, not a pleasure.

We don't cut corners. We meticulously plan every stage then carefully execute those plans to ensure that the finished article is absolutely spot on. And we can do it a number of ways.

We can either use your original axle, detail your suspension parts, or replace it with a narrowed version then fit adjustable spring plates, upgraded shocks, fit wheel tubs and even fit an air ride.

It all depends on your budget and how low you wanna go, so the best thing to do is call us or pop in for a chat and we can go into a lot more detail.

VW Camper Van Power Steering
Power Steering | VW Camper Van
VW Camper Van Power Steering
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